New, in-progress, misc, etc.

Converting OLD illustrations into 3D as a way to learn 3D!

Building NEW site for graduate architect, Jacqui Nguyen.

Annual General Meeting. WIP.

Nearly Oratorio Vinyl w/ Detail Records.

Friends & Associates, 2018 in the works!

Holiday cheer for New Museum, NYC.

Guten morgan.

Still at Sea, style exploration.

Mock up for Marshall Nolan. WIP.

Brand gif for Plinths Company. Variety in Plinth.

Personal & Unpublished. Aug, 2017.

Personal Illustration. Sept 2017.

HomeStory app, brand WIP. 1/2

HomeStory app, brand WIP. 2/2

Style Exploration, Sept 2017.

Friends & Associates, WIP.

Say Arrrgh! illustration, Personal.

Personal & Unpublished. Aug, 2017.

Illustration schmatic for Inflatable Regatta, boat floating festival. Melbourne.

Branding for a Melbourne co-working space.

Kindred Projects, Splash.